apricots on an orange background

25 Foods to Avoid With Kidney Disease

We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 foods to avoid if you have been diagnosed or are in danger of being diagnosed with any one of the kidney diseases mentioned above.

dark chocolate and orange juice

15 Tasty, Heart-Saving Foods

Does your heart-healthy diet have your outlook on life a little bleak at the moment? Then take a long look at this list of 15 tastier heart-saving foods and add a little yum and taste to your heart-healthy menu!

winter superfoods for the cold and flu

20 Winter Superfoods to Fight the Cold & Flu

While the intesnity of cold and flu season varies from year to year, these nasty illnesses always manage to show up in one form or another.

CNN news anchors

Top CNN News Anchor Salaries

Here are the CNN news anchors who currently rake in the most—and a few who have left but clearly made their mark and walked away with millions.

The Best Times to Shop and Save Big

The Best Times Year-Round to Shop and Save Big

If you're ready to make a big purchase, but aren't sure if it's the right time, look no further. These are the best times to save on the products you love most.

Abercrombie & Fitch and Bed Bath & Beyond

39 Brands on the Brink of Declaring Bankruptcy

These stores may not last much longer, so it's time to stock up on their merch!

Funny office life photos

15 Hilarious Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Office Life

Today, we're taking a look some weird, creative, and downright hilarious photos that reveal the life behind office life. They might be working for a paycheck, but these folks have found some truly unusual ways to pass the hours between nine and five. These pics are almost so funny they make us want to go to work. Almost. 

grossest jobs in the world

20 Grossest Jobs in the World

Whether you're making six figures or barely scraping by, these are the most disgusting jobs in the world. 

throwback photos of todays most successful companies

Throwback Photos of Today's Most Successful Companies

Here's a look at what some of today's most successful companies looked like decades ago!

Tourist destinations that don't exist anymore

50 Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist

For a time, visitors flocked to these iconic tourist spots. Whether it was because of their unique architecture, gorgeous views, or unusual offerings, tourists couldn't get enough of these destinations. However, these days, the only way to experience them for yourself is Google--they're nothing but a distant memory any more. 

15 Greatest Golf Courses in the U.S., Ranked

15 Greatest Golf Courses in the U.S., Ranked

These golf courses allow you to play alongside some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire world!

most patriotic states

The 20 Most Patriotic States in America

Most Americans pride themselves on their patriotism, but who can really say they're the most patriotic? WalletHub conducted a study of all 50 states to see who would take the red, white, and blue cake.

Best movies of all time

Film Critics Say These Are the Best Movies of All Time

What makes a great film? That’s a great question that will garner 50 different answers.

the worst trends to come from hgtv

The Worst Trends to Come From HGTV

Sometimes HGTV gets it right! But others, not so much.

A man with a bunch of puppies

50 Signs Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You Something

New research suggests that our dreams are our brains’ way of communicating. Here are 50 common dreams and what they might be trying to tell you!

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The 15 Richest Colleges in America

These universities are known for being great, but they also have a ton of money to put back into their programs.

15 Celebrities with College Degrees

15 Celebrities with College Degrees

There are a surprising number of popular celebrities who have college degrees, yet the public is unaware of who they are.

Emma Watson walks the red carpet

25 Celebs Who Graduated From Ivy League Schools

While most celebs are famous for their award-winning talent and looks, these celebs have the brains to boot!

a collage of five classic american cars

The Best American-Made Cars of All Time

"Made in America" is important, especially when it comes to auto manufacturing. These car models left an indelible mark upon the auto industry thanks to their groundbreaking design.

Volkswagen and Hyundai

Best Cars for New Drivers

Not all cars are ideal for a brand new driver that isn't used to the cities and highways.

Easy car-cleaning tips and tricks.

40 Car-Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning a car is never fun and going to the car wash can be expensive. Make things simpler by using these car-cleaning hacks.