woman with snacks

30 Low-Sugar Snacks for Diabetics

Do you want to munch, but you're not sure what to munch on? These are 30 snacks you can eat right now without worrying about overdoing it on the sugar!

15 Common Foods That Cause Food Poisoning

25 Common Foods That Cause Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is miserable. These are the foods you're eating that are out to get you.

20 Surprising Things That Could Be Causing Diarrhea

Diarrhea is miserable, and the foods you eat may be causing it. These are the worst offenders.

Pewdiepie a youtube star

25 Richest YouTube Stars

Whether you love them, hate them, or find them downright annoying, these 25 YouTubers have made millions doing what they love.

coca cola in the 1950s

25 Things You Could Buy for a Quarter in the 1950s

Even in the 1950s, a quarter wasn't a lot, but it was worth way more than it is now. Take a trip down memory lane with this list of things that used to cost 25 cents (or less).

Postal worker on strike holding a sign

The Most Important Strikes in U.S. History

Strikes are as much a part of United States history as any war or social movement. Worker-led movements are a revolution in their own right, as demonstrated by these 20 strikes.

Working mom struggles to balance a family and career.

Best States for Working Moms

Being a woman in the workforce is already hard, but when a person has to factor in kids, everything gets even more complicated.

Working mom struggles to balance a family and career.

Best States for Working Moms, Ranked

Being a woman in the workforce is already hard, but when a person has to factor in kids, everything gets even more complicated.

A woman takes a tour of a cruise ship

25 Jobs to Make Money While Traveling the World

If the typical 9-5 career doesn't sound interesting, don’t fret: there are many jobs out there that can provide a decent income while also traveling the world.

police on skates and pino blue big bird

40 Things That Make Americans Say "WTF" While Overseas

What's "normal" isn't universal. These are 40 things that were so weird, it made people stop and say, "What the heck?!"

Egypt hates americans

25 Countries That Hate Americans

Everyone wants to live in the USA, right? Okay, well everyone at least thinks Americans are great...right?

Fanny packs are a stereotypically American fashion statement.

40 Ways to Spot an American Abroad

Being Americans, we think we're pretty awesome. Across the globe, not everyone will agree with that sentiment. If you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb, try to avoid these stereotypical aspects of an average American traveler.

A bible and cross

Can We Guess How Smart You Are With This Bible Quiz?

How up are you own your own Bible trivia? Try our quiz to test your skills--we'll be able to tell if you slept through Sunday School or not! 

lincoln and elizabeth I

Can You Identify These Historical Figures?

Who are these historical figures? We'll give you a photo, and you have to guess the correct answer!

lady gaga and cara delevingne

Every Single Must-See Red Carpet Look of 2019 (So Far)

The red carpet is known for presenting some of the most gorgeous and stunning looks that have gone down in history, but many Celebrities decide to break the mold and get creative with their red carpet looks. And the red carpet events of 2019 have not disappointed. Here's a look at the 41 must-see red carpet looks of this year (so far).

A young girl gets a school lunch and looks for table in the cafeteria

Here's What School Lunches Around the World Look Like

Harsh critisism of America's school lunch foods has become increasingly common recently, and when compared to foods from other countries, it's not hard to see why. These pictures of fresh fruit, mixed veggies, baguettes, and fish will make you want to study abroad.

Woman getting her environmental engineering degree conducting research.

Top 5 Environmental Engineering Degree Programs

You might have given thought to becoming an environmental engineer before. You get to participate in research, improve building methods to be more environmentally-safe, and help save the planet in real, tangible ways. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, keep reading to learn about the top five degree programs out there to get your BS in environmental engineering.

Woman gets her online Digital Marketing degree.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Degree Programs

Digital marketing degrees are in high demand for today's technology-driven world. Getting a degree in this field can make you a highly valuable asset for companies looking to advertise in more effective ways.

El Ford Fusion y El Honda Accord

El Ford Fusion vs. El Honda Accord

El Ford Fusion y el Honda Accord son excelentes sedanes para personas que se preocupan por la seguridad. Puede ser difícil elegir cual es el automóvil perfecto para usted, pero este desglose puede hacer su decisión un poco más fácil.

Los 5 mejores Modelos Honda del 2017

Honda es conocido por producir vehículos confiables, perfectos para personas de cualquier edad. Ya sea que acabe de comenzar la universidad o se este preparando para jubilar, su siguiente automóvil puede ser uno de estos vehículos de Honda.

El Ford Focus y El Ford Fiesta

El Ford Focus vs. El Ford Fiesta

Actualmente, Ford produce dos de los mejores sedanes en el mercado, el Focus y el Fiesta. Ambos son buenos automóviles compactos, pero con tantas similitudes, ¿cómo elegir entre ellos?